Safety Structures Installation Brisbane and Sydney

Don’t risk it when it comes to installing your safety structures. A well-installed bollard or security fence can go a long way toward reducing potential damage to your property and keeping visitors safe. Choose SSVI and have confidence knowing your safety structures are sturdy enough to protect your business.

SSVI is your safety structure installation team – installing safety structures designed to protect both infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

Our team is well-versed in the installation of safety structures such as bollards, barriers, and protective enclosures, which are essential for safeguarding against potential hazards such as vehicular impact, criminal intent, inclement weather, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Do you have an installation project we can help with?


We offer top-notch bollard installation services across Australia to assist you with any installation project you’re considering, particularly for commercial settings. Our team is experienced and capable, handling a wide range of bollard installation projects for commercial clients of all sizes.

Safety barrier bollards installed in a shopping centre.

CCTV Cameras

At SSV Installations, we are your local experts in commercial security and loss prevention, offering services to a diverse range of customers, from small independent retail stores to large corporate and multinational businesses. We begin by checking the entire site thoroughly before setting up CCTV systems, which helps us create a customized plan for camera placement to save money and work efficiently.

Security Screens & Fencing

At SSV Installations, we take security seriously. Our expertise lies in installing top-tier security screens and fencing that blend seamlessly with your property while delivering unmatched protection. With a focus on commercial fencing and privacy screens, SSV is ready to help businesses of all sizes!