Restaurant Drive Through Installations

Adding a drive-through to an existing restaurant can have dramatic, positive, impact on a business’ turnover – offering convenience and speed to customers in today’s fast-paced world. At SSV Installations, we can assist with many aspects of a drive through installation, from sound barriers to flexible guard rails, covered areas, sign pylons, speaker box, lightbox and LED menu board installation. Your business could experience the benefits that come with increased traffic and accessibility. Call SSVI Today.

Install a new Drive Through or Modernise an existing Drive Through

Upgrade your existing drive-throughs by enhancing personal and vehicle protective features, functionality, modernised ordering utilising the latest technology, ensuring that your drive-through operates seamlessly and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Contact SSVI for all your drive-through requirements. SSVI – backed by quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. Call us today.

LED Menu Displays

Upgrade your drive-through menu boards with modern, interactive and imminently updatable LED Displays. LED menu boards allow you to promote your products with vibrant, crisp graphics, and dynamic content, allowing you to update prices, showcase your current promotions and engage with your customers in a visually appealing way. With customisable options and user-friendly controls, LED displays make it easy to update and manage your menu content to meet changing needs and promotions. Contact SSV Installations for your dynamic LED drive through display panels.

Drive through service window installation with SSV Installations

Service Windows

Install or upgrade your drive-through windows. Whether you are installing traditional sliding windows or advanced automatic, security options, we can install, wire, connect any prefabricated widow units, adhering to the manufacturers specifications for optimal long-term performance.

Pylon Signs

Improve the visibility and branding of your drive-through restaurant with eye-catching sign pylons. Promote your drive through, create clear traffic wayfinding directions, and promote  special offers. Pylons are installed and wired by certified technicians to withstand Australia’s tough conditions, comply with public safety standards, and maintain their visual appeal over time.

Guard Rails & Bollards

Ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians with upgraded, sturdy and reliable guard rail installations. Utilising new developments in guardrail technologies, we can install flexible polymer guardrails to both protect your drive through, and your customer’s vehicles. 

From traditional galvanised guardrails through to polymer & high vis guardrails designed to deflect impact and provide clear guidance for vehicles navigating through your drive-through lanes, helping to improve the customer experience and maintain a smooth traffic flow.

Covered Drive Through

Protect your customers from the weather and increase the value proposition of doing business with you by offering protection from harsh weather conditions. A covered drive through protects your customers, their vehicle interiors and your own LED display equipment form rain water ingress. SSV Installations is your installation partner – facilitating the full scope of our drive through implementation. Call SSVI today.

Decorative sound barriers and acoustic barriers for drive through restaurants

Sound Barrier Walls

Create a quieter and more comfortable environment for your drive-through customers, and maintain good will with the surrounding neighbourhood with modular soundproofing wall solutions. Designed to minimise noise pollution from nearby traffic or surrounding areas, soundproofing walls offer excellent acoustic insulation while maintaining flexibility. Contact SSV Installations for the installation of your noise / acoustic barrier walls.

Why Choose SSVI for Your Drive-Through installations?

At SSVI installations, we have the experience, equipment, and skills to install most if not all your drive-through components to the highest standards of safety and quality. We provide excellent customer service and accurate quoting. Contact us today to find out how we can with your drive-through installation.

Certified Installers

We have a QBCC licence, a VBA registration, and a focus on quality and safety. We work with the best installers who have the skills and experience to handle any challenge. We also have the latest tools and technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy.


Trusted by Manufacturers & Suppliers

We work with reputable manufacturers who supply us with the best guardrails and parking protector bollards in the industry. We have established long-term relationships with them based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. We also adhere to their specifications and warranties to ensure that our products meet their expectations.


Focus on Safety

We follow the Australian standards and comply with the relevant codes of practice, regulations, and legislation in each state and territory. We conduct risk assessments and safety audits before, during, and after each installation. We use only quality materials and equipment that are tested and certified for safety. We also ensure that our installers are trained and qualified in safe work practices.

Are you a restaurant, bottle shop, bakery or fast food outlet with a drive through installation project we can help with?