Light Pole, Wayfinding and Grounds Lighting Installation

Enhance safety and visibility with our professional light pole, wayfinding and grounds lighting installation services. The team at SSVI Installations specialises in high-quality lighting installation in your outdoor parking areas, manicured grounds or parks. We use industry compliant installation methods to ensure light poles and fixtures are durable, functional and safe. Contact SSV Installations for all your fixed, electrically connected safety compliant installation projects.

Illuminate your property, Carpark, or public space with lighting installation

Improving Accessibility and Safety

Spaces such as offices, hotels, schools, parks, public areas, libraries, museums, or shopping centres often require lighting fixtures to highlight landscaping, art installations, and architectural perfection. Walkways, car parks building entrances and hospitals benefit from lighting to assist wayfinding, increase safety and security. Combine form and function, and include energy efficiency for the ultimate lighting solutions. SSVI Is your dedicated lighting installation team.

Improve Safety & Reduced Liability with Lighting

Adequate lighting provided by light poles reduces the risk of accidents and crimes. 

Deter criminal activities like vandalism and theft, reduces the risk of accidents, and enhances overall safety for employees, visitors, and patrons with our light pole installation services.

Mitigate potential liability costs associated with injuries or property damage, as well as decrease the likelihood of costly legal disputes or insurance claims with our light pole installation services. 

Installing solar powered public lighting can further increase placement flexibility while reducing operating cost.

Well lit public areas can reduce accident, injury, and crime in public areas, school and university grounds, and hotel and resort recreational areas.
Well lit public areas can reduce accident, injury, and crime in public areas, school and university grounds, and hotel and resort recreational areas.

Enhance property value

Lighting can increase aesthetic appeal and attract more customers, tenants, and visitors. This increased foot traffic and positive perception can lead to higher property demand and rental rates, increasing the overall value of your property.

Utilise the dual purpose of security bollards with lighting requirements, and install bollard lighting.

SSV Installations is your trade qualified and certified inatallation professionals.

Energy Efficient Lighting Options

Energy-efficient lighting solutions can save you on electricity expenses. Talk to us today to discuss LED fixtures and smart lighting controls that can reduce your electricity consumption.

Energy Efficient Lighting Installation
Lighting installation with SSV Installations

Extend Operating Hours

Proper lighting from light poles allows for extended operating hours. Install light poles and enable your business to cater to customers who prefer shopping, attending events, or engaging in recreational activities during evening or nighttime hours.

Contact SSV Installations for your lighting installation projects.

Why Choose SSVI for Your Handrail Installation?

At SSVI installations, we have the experience, equipment, and skills to install and connect light poles according to the highest standards of safety and quality. We only use only the best installers and electricians to bring you quality results and excellent customer service. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your light pole project.

Certified Installers

When you choose SSVI Installations, you’re choosing certified installers who are experts in their field.  We have a QBCC licence, a VBA registration, and a focus on quality installations.

Trusted by Manufacturers & Suppliers

We work with reputable manufacturers with established long-term relationships based on trust, honesty, and mutual respect. Installation specifications are strictly adhered to, ensuring the results meet expectations.

Focus on Safety

Safety is our top priority at SSVI Installations. We understand the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for the installation team, on-site staff and the general public. We employ skilled operators who are trained in the latest safety protocols and techniques. Our team is equipped with specialised equipment that is designed for light pole installation, ensuring efficiency and minimising risks on the job site.

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