Public Structures & Art Installation

Bring your council or business to life with our public art installation services. SSVI handles some of the most prominent public art pieces across Brisbane and beyond. With our eye for detail, we can ensure your public art pieces are installed securely and leave a lasting impression.

Playgrounds & Parks

With previous experience in setting up parks and playgrounds, SSV Installations can assemble and install playgrounds and parks from start to end. No playground is too complex or big for SSV Installations to set up. 

Do you have an awesome playground to set up? We are ready to get started! 

Playground installation
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Public Sculptures

Public sculptures are usually found in public high foot traffic areas. That’s why these kinds of sculptures are set up at night time. 

With teams on the ground all over Australia, SSV Installations has no issues installing projects after hours or after dark. 

Public Art

Do you have art that needs to be set up, hung, secured and installed on walls or exterior facades? SSV Installation has installed countless public artworks. 

Most of the art installations require specific arrangements in order for the art to display properly as well as needing to be secured from possible theft. That’s why professional teams like SSV Installations are required to get the job done. 

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Street & Park Shelters

SSV Installation service includes both project management and the actual installation of the structures. With our own highly experienced installers and a select group of sub-contractors at the ready. SSVI is a licensed builder that can install all kinds of structures including street and park shelters in all kinds of settings. 

Do you have an installation project we can help with?